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DamianMyutsuu's Profile Picture
I'm Mr.Meeseeks, look at me!
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Name: Damian
Age: Teen.
Nationality: American

I am nothing more than just a social awkward teenager with aggression issues, and have weird interests in my life. My most favorite things in the world are my friends here on dA and video games such as The Legend of Zelda, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (spinoffs included), the CLASSIC Sonic games, and much, much more. I am still nothing more than just a humble kid who takes an interest in roleplaying, and even drawing.

Things to keep in mind of:

-I will debate on whether or not to do an art trade with someone, and requests are only for my good friends here, so don't just watch me for my artwork.
-I have very off social skills, so keep in mind that if I say something that sounds offensive, just please keep in mind that I speak my own mind instead of thinking first.
-I am currently planning and working on the plot line and events of a Zelda fangame/fan comic called "Rise of a New Hero."
-I love using friends' characters in my works, but I will ask for permission first and always give credit.
-If you want to roleplay with me, you must let me know what fandoms you do, since I go fandoms mostly, and I lack of non fandom OCs.
-I will allow fetish RPs, but I would like to keep an expectation: Only with friends will I do things seriously with the fetish.
-I may draw obese characters, but I do not draw things such as inflation and vore.
-Don't say that we're friends and then just backstab and talk behind my back. Just please don't. It's not just being rude, but overall it shows that you can't be trusted.
-And overall: please, just please don't be that jackass who says things like "WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" when I explain my characters back stories, since I'm honestly doing my best to get creative...

Thank you for taking the time to read this bio, and I hope we can be friends ^^



So, I've been thinking about a story/RP plot of Dusk five years later, among the age of 19. I've been considering on how he would mature, differentiate from his past self. still maintain past features, morals, philosophy, etc.

So if anyone might be interested, don't be shy!~
Also, I'm sad that I'm more hyped for the new Metroid games than for MvCI.

Either Crapcom gives me one of my good mains except Hiryu, or there will be wars.
Let me play the song of my people...

Does anyone have "I Said I'm Naruto!" on MIDI?
"Yo, what program of animation do you use?"

So recently, some bad stuff had occurred in my life, and I need to log off all social media for now. I don't have much time to talk about it, and I need to say that I won't be on for two years or so. Don't think that this is my "deactivation journal", just think of it more as "I need to REALLY cool off" type of journal.

My life is really busy, I feel like I need to mature more, and I need to care and socialize with my parents more. Plus, when I do come back to dA, I won't do any fetish RPs (Smut included). I would only do RPs based on an adventure or action plot line (It can be sorta slice of life too), but I came to a conclusion that most RPers do what they do only for sexual tension or such. I honestly don't like what I did in my past RPs, and really regret those RPs. Overall, I won't do any fetishes such as vore or weight gain. I'll keep chubby characters, but not for any fetish materials. My fetishes ruined my life, and I need to cleanse up. I left my account to Nell-tu-lover to look after, as she's my closest friend, and my first here on DeviantArt. I'll probably return when I'm in college, a completely different man.

Now, I wanna say a few things

AratZeGardevior I think we should just remain good friends. I don't wanna sound like a jerk or anything, but we're frankly too young to start this whole sweetheart business. I don't think I'm the right person for you, and you should frankly not hide stuff from your parents. It's really bad to lie or hide stuff from your family, since it can destroy you as a person. I know this could hurt you emotionally, but I care more for your health, since I messed up badly. If you want to still keep him, Mizu and the others can be used in your works

Franken-Fish I'm glad I could meet you. You were a very sweet, humble friend, who always stepped in for me to lend in wise advice to me. You were one of the first people who I RPed with, and you stood by my side since we first met. This may seem like I'm dropping our Rp, but in case you feel like this is a sudden drop, you can have Nell-tu-lover fill in for my place, since she's frankly a more detailed writer/better partner than I am. I don't mind at all if you want to use my characters in any of your works, since you lent me Icky. And because of that, I'm willing to repay that act in double. I hope the graphic design business goes well, and I hope you keep up your work!

x-Smiley-x I know we don't talk much anymore, but I really wanted to thank you for being friends with me. You were so sweet and kind, and very, very caring. You're a great artist, and I wish good fortune and luck upon your family. And best of luck in FoH! Keep on smiling, Smiles! :D

omegaafterhours Dude, you were a fucking blast. You have a colorful cast of characters, you make great memes and jokes, and you were just someone who I could just vent out to, and understand my situation. I'm sad that we gotta depart ways for now, but sorta think of this like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber....or DBZ time ranges in general. I really hate having to leave dA for now, because you were such a great RP partner, and you always had great ideas! I know you have a tough life, and I hope it gets better for you. And since you begun to draw more, I hope to see what you have in the future! (P.S, I'm actually gonna try out the BoBoBo vs Kururu vs Kenshiro gag idea you had! P.P.S, you can use my characters for whatever projects you want.)

Nell-tu-lover You were a really great friend, and had a really great use of a canon character(s) in a relation with your characters. (Seriously, I probably could name a few people who would probably list down Mewtwo as their husband/wife or such.) You also have a great knack in staying in character, whether it's an OC or a canon character you're playing. I'm glad to say that you were my first friend here, and I really hope you do well in the future, and in case you want to, you can consider my characters as yours c: (Wissu!~)

LeafeonFan0001 Boy oh boy were you fun! Namo was such a blast in our RPs (So relateable too >w<). I hope your life goes better soon, and I really hope we can see each other in about four years. If you ever feel like you miss lil Dusk or not-so-lil Mizu, you can talk to Nell-tu-lover about RPing with them! And if you just want, my characters can be used by you! c:

Dragonlegends Man, I'm really gonna miss you Azzy. You were so sweet and kind, and I really loved Darroh and Fury. If you ever want, feel free to use Dusk or any other of my characters c:

FayeleneFyre I'm so sorry to drop out of the Internet right, especially at our group's most important hours, but if you ever want to, feel free to use any of my characters. I'm sure you can take good care of Minami~

DeoxysDivinity You were a rather cool and retro dude to talk with. I'm starting to watch more of the Resident Evil movies, and considering on buying Darkstalkers too, because of you. I'm sorry if I'm abandoning my fetishes, but you can feel free to use Oczko as Opal's boyfriend. Just use him for more adventurous stuff, he is still rather young ^^"

ninja-inu You're very kind and sweet, and I enjoy that you feel free to draw both chubby and skinny characters. I really hope you good fortune and luck in school, and in life. If you want, you can use my characters uwu

And to the others, thanks for what you did. I may stop watching some of you, and may not talk to some of you anymore, but it'll most likely be because we mostly discussed fetish stuff. (It may seem like me and omegaafterhours may do only fetish stuff, but we talk about waaaaaay more.)



Till next time~

P.S: If you just watched me for fetish stuff, rather than being my friend, please consider unwatching me. Also, for those who I didn't say if you can't use a character, I'm sorry. I trust my characters with those a bit more.


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