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Blessed with good and bad luck
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Name: Damian
Age: Teen.
Nationality: American

I am nothing more than just a social awkward teenager with aggression issues, and have weird interests in my life. My most favorite things in the world are my friends here on dA and video games such as The Legend of Zelda, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (spinoffs included), the CLASSIC Sonic games, and much, much more. I am still nothing more than just a humble kid who takes an interest in roleplaying, and even drawing.

Things to keep in mind of:

-I will debate on whether or not to do an art trade with someone, and requests are only for my good friends here, so don't just watch me for my artwork.
-I have very off social skills, so keep in mind that if I say something that sounds offensive, just please keep in mind that I speak my own mind instead of thinking first.
-I am currently planning and working on the plot line and events of a Zelda fangame/fan comic called "Rise of a New Hero."
-I love using friends' characters in my works, but I will ask for permission first and always give credit.
-If you want to roleplay with me, you must let me know what fandoms you do, since I go fandoms mostly, and I lack of non fandom OCs.
-I will allow fetish RPs, but I would like to keep an expectation: Only with friends will I do things seriously with the fetish.
-I may draw obese characters, but I do not draw things such as inflation and vore.
-Don't say that we're friends and then just backstab and talk behind my back. Just please don't. It's not just being rude, but overall it shows that you can't be trusted.
-And overall: please, just please don't be that jackass who says things like "WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" when I explain my characters back stories, since I'm honestly doing my best to get creative...

Thank you for taking the time to read this bio, and I hope we can be friends ^^

Deviant ID done by the retro Waver92 owo


And while we're on the topic with Capcom, and since it is me who is talking about it, am I the only one who is a bit upset with the lack Hsien-Ko fatarts?

I'm not really for plump verisons of canon OCs, espcially planet sizes/blobs/or whatever, but Hsien-Ko are one of those few who look like they could have a small bit of chub?
Things that come across my mind when playing UMvC3:

-People need to shut up about those damn Devil May Cry characters, Galactus is the true character of highest in the highest tier.

-People say that you suck if you play Phoenix Wright or Zero. Have we forgotten that Wright has Turnabout Mode which deals too much damage to the point that Vergil and Dante want to eat their own Gary Stu hearts? And that Zero is great with combos/close range?

-Viewtiful Joe probably has the best hyper that can affect an opponent's gameplay; to the point that you can link it into combos fast enough.

-Deadpool is the only Marvel character I played.

-Probably my only waifus of this crossover is Tron Bonne, Hsien-Ko, and sadly Amateratsu. Everyone else is WAAAAY too mainstream, espcially Morrigan and Felicia. (Ironic, since those two and Hsien-Ko come from the same game sadly.)


-Sam Riegel got lucky with doing a good Phoenix Wright, the Japanese VA is meh.

-Frank West has the most annoying verison of ways of leveling up. I mean seriously, you don't combo the shit out of pyschopaths and then take a snap right in the middle of it during any Dead Rising game. And you do too many snaps just to reach Level 4....God damn it, the fight would be over by then.

-I honestly don't like the pressence of Dante or Vergil. They're too damn boring and unoriginal in my opinion. They're like if they put a guy with demonic powers, and uses nearly every damn weapon in the big Mary Sue/Gary Stu Book of Big, over the top Weapons, in a Smash Bros game.
Tfw when your art is the beginning of a friends new gallery
Character Bio: Rose Baoyin Baoshi
Meet Rosey Baoyin Baoshi, a jiangshi hailing from the Ancient China Dynasty. Not much is known about her past, but she spends most of her days wondering from building to building, nation to nation. Next to the average vampire boosts, Rose soon learned from one of her encounterments that she can hypnotize others by flicking her navel , causing her belly to ripple in a trancing manner. The only way for her to call off the trance is if she belches loudly. To seem rather "normal" among the human world, Rose takes occupations of childrens entatainer, circus freak, writer and even illustrator of childrens books, and gourmet cook. Overall, Rose acts rather goofballish, but can still be loyal to those she cares about. She is rather childish from time to time, often playings tricks and foolery on others , and often doing things with her hypnosis to get as she desires. But overall, she is a big (and pudgy) lover who admires the pressence of another kind heart
Giorno's banana gun is the fucking strongest ability in JoJo
Fun fact about me:

Around the age of 8, I begun to take classes in the Brazilian Martial Arts, Caporeia. On my first day (or just to try it out), I came in my school uniform from my old school: a white shirt with khaki pants, and I sported some puffy hair, and glasses. It was nearly Halloween then, and everyone had a costume on, I being the only one undressed for the occasion. In the classes, everyone had a nickname based on an animal. I had just begun, and it was nearly for Halloween, so the teachers thought it would be funnh to give me a temporary nickname, which was, as you guessed it, Dexter. I honestly liked it alot, since it reflected who I really was.

But then the time came, and I got my offical nickname:

Panda. Because I'm a softie, yet too strong


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